Santoshi Mata Temple

Major Padmapani Acharya Marg, Laxmi Narashima Puram Colony, Hastinapuram., Vanasthalipuram - 500074
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About Santoshi Mata Temple

In the  Santoshi Mata Temple, Goddess Santoshi stands for the deity symbolic of all virtues that one must exhibit and live by in their lives to have a peaceful life and one which is well lived according to Hindu mythology. The temple is one wherein people come in to pay their respects to the Goddess and participate in Aarti sessions wherein bhajans are sung for the beloved "Santoshi Maa," as she is often referred to with love, reverence and respect.

Goddess Santoshi Maa satisfies everybody’s desires and pleas. Santoshi Maa is the daughter of Lord Ganesh as far as the Indian stories are concerned. Lord Ganesh who is the favorite son of Goddess Parvathi Devi has a sister whose name was Manasa. On the day of Raksha Bandhan when she was tying Rakhi to him, his sons were so happy to watch this and asked their father that they too want to have a sister. Lord Ganesh rejected this and they pleaded a lot. His wives also pleased him so much that he had to give them a sweet little sister. Lord Ganesh, His wives and his sons were so happy with this and they named her as Santoshi Maa and all of them were so fond of her. She is the Goddess of Happiness and Satisfaction. Women are very much fond of her and do fasting prayers to get her mercy on them to lead a happy and contented life. Santoshi Maa became famous after a Hindi film in 1960s. The Hindi film made her so popular. People of North India and Nepal worship Santoshi Maa with complete conviction.

Timings:6:00–10:00 pm