Mahanaim Full Gospel Church of God

peddagutta,christian colony., Balaji Colony Phase 2, Hastinapuram, Vanasthalipuram - 500070
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About Mahanaim Full Gospel Church of God

First of all we as a family Church and the ministry give our greetings also.

About our ministry that God has given us in this nation. My father Pastor John Babu who use to work in the police academy of the state Andhra Pradesh as a senior officer even then He started the ministry work by sharing the gospel in the villages. By the vision from above while he was still working Pastor Babu could able to start the church ministry in the year 1994 in his house. But it is not good to work under two authorities and again God has reviled His plan through His word and vision then pastor Babu could able to resign his Job and came for the full time Ministry. And from then God started bringing souls and started the Healing ministry also. God by His grace started reviling His at we hope revelations from His word to our Pastor Babu also. And the church was started to grow and as our House was not enough for the people to fir in Pastors wife have taken charge for the building a Hall on the top of our House and then we could see the miracle of adding souls to our Church and it was also not enough in very less time. And while all this is happening only by His grace and through Holy Spirit which is incomparable. But in the time God once again showed His vision of the place on a Top of a Hill lock to construct the church for the people to worship the almighty. As time went on by His grace we could able to complete the first phase of our church on the Hill lock. God was always Good to us in showing His mercy and from the year 2000 we could see new souls every Sunday service till Now. As the church was growing we are also started to extend the church building also. Until now we could able to extend the church for three times.

God is Great and we could able to do the work of His Kingdom in this Nation even though it is Much difficult to do. Even though we face more difficulties and sufferings we hope that the glory will be higher after our suffering as Said by apostle.Paul and we are experiencing the grace of God more in our ministry and family.


 Open today:10:00 am – 2:30 pm